In the world of science, clinical trials are important, not just because clinical trials are the lifeblood of medical innovation in modern times but they are required as part of ensuring patient safety as new treatment options make their way from the lab to pharmacies around the world. Clinical trials the driving force behind the advances that allow people to manage their diabetes, asthma or be vaccinated for rubella, mumps, Hepatitis as well as countless other breakthroughs.

Sponsors, CROs

OEC (Óbudai Egészségügyi Centrum Kft.) medical health centre and clinical research site was established in 1997. At the beginning OEC focused mainly on the private medical services on the standard outpatient therapeutic areas. The healthcare centre became popular across doctors and patients, while OEC experienced a constant demand towards clinical research. To fulfill the market needs OEC turned its main operation to clinical trials.


Clinicians are essential elements of clinical trials. Whether they are principal investigators, co-inversigators or referrers, they play an important, responsible role in the clinical trials area. Clinicians have huge responsibility towards the patients and Sponsors/CROs during and after each research program. OEC Clinical Research Team provides full training and support for doctors regardless their medical or research expertise to ensure high quality services. Research means a lot of discipline and responsibility while brings a great teamwork, constant innovation and novel therapies for the mankind.

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